Networking Tools

New Innovative Features at this Year’s Event:

Interactive sessions where delegates and speakers are encouraged to speak up, facilitating name recognition and increased opportunities after the day ends


This will give you the chance to get to know your peers at the conference and help set a relaxed and informal atmosphere. There will be multiple opportunities for speed networking spread across the event; feel free to take part in as many sessions as you would like!


Join our working  groups to brainstorm and share solutions with your peers. Taking place on the  afternoon of the 26th October, this opportunity is the perfect  chance to share your experiences with other attendees, gain helpful insights  into how others have tackled the issue of tariff restructuring and come up with  innovative solutions.

All pre-registered delegates at Mobile Roaming will be given the unique opportunity to access the whole attendee list online two weeks prior to the event, during the conference, and for up to three months after. Initiate introductions, network and set-up meetings with participants of your choice in order to maximise your investment at this year’s conference. Register early to take full advantage of this valuable networking tool!

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Dane Cave Tel: +44 (0) 20 7017 4253

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