Tailored Working Groups

As a new feature to this year’s event, we are introducing the  opportunity to stop listening and start talking. Join a focused working group  during the programme to brainstorm new ideas and innovative solutions  surrounding the issue of data roaming.

Shortly before the event we will contact you, listing the specific  areas that each of the groups will be focusing on within that subject. You can  reserve your place on the group that is of most interest. The group moderator  will then get in touch with everyone via the online forum and start the  discussion ball roaming: what are your ideas? What solutions are you looking  for? On the day, this will help the working group focus on the areas that are  of genuine interest, and help you get some real answers.

Currently proposed working groups are as follows:

  1. Educating the  customer to decrease bill shock
  2. Managing roaming  data usage
  3. Restructuring  pricing: what innovations are out there?
  4. Rethinking the  device: making data roaming more user friendly

Interested in being a group moderator? Have a suggestion for a focus  group? Get in touch! Send your thoughts to alice.macklin@informa.com and help  shape this year’s Mobile Roaming World Summit.

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